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Prospect analysis of silicone end products in China
Silicone industry chain mainly includes raw materials, monomers, intermediates, downstream deep processing products and these downstream deep processing products combined with other materials, new products and new materials with specific uses in different fields, herein called silicone terminal products.
As a new high performance material, silicone has excellent temperature resistance, weatherability, electrical insulation, physiological inertia, low surface tension and low surface energy. Therefore, it is used in application terminals, including building engineering, textile, electronics, transportation, petrochemical, aerospace, new energy, medical, mechanical, and so on. Papermaking, daily chemical and personal care products and other fields have a very wide range of uses.
After decades of unremitting development, China's silicone industry has made tremendous progress, silicone production capacity has accounted for more than half of the world, and in recent years is still growing, domestic silicone exports are also increasing. However, the growth of silicone production and sales in China is mainly concentrated on raw materials and upstream silicone products, while the progress of silicone terminal products used in people's daily life is relatively small. Most of the domestic market share is still occupied by international silicone industry giants.
At present, China's silicone terminal products are facing an important turning point, in the next few years there will be greater development, with broad prospects, the main reasons are as follows:
(1) compared with raw materials and silicone upstream products, silicone terminal products have higher added value.
At present, the competition between raw materials and upstream products in China's silicone market is becoming increasingly fierce. Although the price of raw materials and upstream products has risen rapidly since July 2016, the manufacturers of silicone raw materials and upstream products have gained higher output value and profit, but throughout the decade from 2008 to 2018, silicone raw materials and upstream products are on the top of silicone as a whole. The profit of tourism products is still at a low level, and some years even suffer losses. In contrast, due to the high technical threshold, the output value and profit of silicone terminal products have been maintained at a higher level.
(2) China's universities, scientific research institutes and production enterprises have accumulated a large number of technologies that can be converted into products.
In China's universities, silicone is a branch of polymer materials, polymer materials will be slightly involved in the curriculum, there are many universities and scientific research institutes in the country are also studying silicone materials, silicone-related production enterprises are also continuously developing, after so many years of technical accumulation, these The transformation of scientific research results also brings opportunities for the development of silicone terminal products.
(3) manufacturers of silicone raw materials and upstream products need to extend their silicone industry chain.
After years of development, silicone raw materials and upstream products manufacturers have made tremendous achievements, production processes and technologies have also made tremendous progress, and also recognized the negative impact of imperfect industrial chain on their own production and operation, so they have the ability, strength and determination to expand their silicone industry chain, this trend Will promote the development of silicone terminal products.
(4) the development of silicone end products is in line with the strategy of transformation and upgrading of the national manufacturing industry.
"Made in China 2025" points out the direction for the upgrading and transformation of China's manufacturing industry and the realization of leap-forward development. Materials are the basis of manufacturing industry. To achieve the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry, we must make breakthroughs in new materials and new technologies. Silicone terminal products are widely used in new energy vehicles, aerospace, electronic products and intelligent equipment and other national key areas of development, so the development of silicone terminal products can also provide support for the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry.
(5) some investors are turning their eyes to the promising future of organosilicon terminal products.
As the growth of the real estate market slows down and the state strongly regulates and controls the real estate market and prohibits speculation, people's enthusiasm for real estate investment fades and their interest in the stock market is not high, while the threshold of investment in new areas such as artificial intelligence, e-commerce, travel sharing is high, so some small and medium-sized investors will turn their eyes to the future. Traditional chemical industry, and silicone terminal products as a promising industry, is naturally within the scope of these investors.
At present, China's organic silicon terminal products are facing an important turning point. Opportunities and challenges coexist. Due to the rich variety and mature technology of the silicone terminal products of the multinational corporations of the leading silicone enterprises abroad, the domestic enterprises, if they want to compete with them in this field, must cultivate technology and services, maximize their product performance and service level, so as to seize the opportunity and meet them. Challenge and enhance the competitiveness and influence of silicone products in China as a whole.
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