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The future "13th Five-Year" low and new chemical materials access threshold will be improv
In the future, for general-purpose, low-end new chemical materials such as silicone, polyformaldehyde and so on, we should raise the threshold of industrial access and curb low-level duplicate construction. On the basis of successful industrial demonstration, we will vigorously develop high-value-added and environment-friendly high-end products. Advantage enterprises are encouraged to carry out mergers and reorganizations, promote the integration, scale and large-scale of upstream and downstream industrial chains, and form several bases of new chemical materials such as special rubber, engineering plastics and high-performance composite materials.
According to the introduction, the 13th Five-Year Plan for new chemical materials covers silicone, fluorine chemicals, engineering plastics, polyurethane, thermoplastic elastomers, composite materials and new inorganic chemical materials. Silicone industry should focus on the development of new silicone oil, special silicone resin agent, silane coupling agent, high-performance silicone rubber, silicone modified materials and so on. The fluorine chemical industry should speed up the development of high-end products such as perfluorosulfonic acid ionic membrane materials, special fluorine rubber, polytetrafluoroethylene fiber, and intermediates such as aliphatic group containing fluorine, alcohols containing fluorine and esters containing fluorine. Engineering plastics industry should support the development of new products such as polycarbonate, long carbon chain nylon, low-cost biodegradable plastics and accelerate industrialization; for products such as polyphenylene sulfide with independent intellectual property rights, it is necessary to strengthen the research of modified formula and application, and expand the scope of application. Polyurethane industry should focus on developing foam and stabilizer, waterborne polyurethane resin and other technologies and products, especially in energy saving and environmental protection.
The thermoplastic elastomer industry should focus on the development of polyurethane elastomer, polyester elastomer, polystyrene thermoplastic elastomer and so on. The composite material industry should grasp the key technologies of carbon fiber precursor production and carbonization as soon as possible, and conquer the technology of carbon fiber production with high strength and high modulus above T700. New inorganic chemical materials should focus on the research and development of lithium hexafluorophosphate, nano-inorganic, lithium ion battery materials to reduce production costs and improve product quality.
In order to support the development of new chemical material industry during the 13th Five-Year Plan period, President Chen Yuan of Qianjing Institute of Science, Technology and Chemical Industry said that it is necessary to promote the establishment of new chemical material industry association, explore the establishment of new chemical material statistical monitoring system, grasp the operation situation of the industry, and create a good policy environment for the development of new chemical material industry.
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