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Thousand Jing technology learning to carry forward the essence of craftsman spirit
Artisan spirit is not only a way of doing things, but also a pursuit of practitioners.
Craftsman spirit, from the enterprise point of view, requires the development of enterprises to have characteristics, rather "small and beautiful", rather than "big and complete", their own good things and things to the extreme. When a product of an enterprise can achieve the champion of a single product, it also practices the spirit of craftsman.
The so-called craftsmanship is not only an attitude toward doing things, but also a pursuit of employment; it is both self-expectation and commitment to others. As a craftsman, there must be a quiet and dedicated career, there must be attention to detail and the pursuit of quality. Therefore, to cultivate craftsmen's spirit is:
Take responsibility as destiny and regard quality as life.
(2) be good at eliminating all distractions, and strengthening the choice of life goals.
3. Be good at observation.
Dare to bear hardships and stand hard work, and uphold the value of creation and dedication.
The spirit of thousand Jin Technology LED packaging artisans is reflected in many aspects:
In the application field, LED downstream applications are very extensive, including general lighting, backlight applications, display applications, curing, induction and other applications, but Qianjing Technology in the LED packaging field refused to be large and comprehensive, only involved in the largest proportion of lighting and backlight areas, these two areas accounted for 70% of the downstream applications. Above. In the field of LED mold, LED lighting and LED packaging and encapsulation, Qianjing Technology's product line is very comprehensive, with 360 degree full coverage, which can meet the diversified needs of customers.
In terms of product performance, Qianjing Technologies decomposes each customer's product requirement into refined indicators, and is committed to providing each customer with the most suitable combination of gold.
In terms of product details, Qianjing Technology focuses on the final details, and each performance difference is analyzed in detail on the basis of theory and practical verification; each of the best performance embodiments is gathered by a number of small research and development results.
In terms of product development, Qianjing Science and Technology is dedicated to small innovations to create core competitiveness of products; aggregate small innovations to achieve great innovation, BMTC also has a solid foundation in the backlight of R&D strength.
In terms of production process, each production line of Qianjing Science and Technology is equipped with automatic testing equipment. As an ingenious and persistent pursuit of quality, Qianjing Science and Technology continues to deepen the ability of intelligent manufacturing technology and solid technological foundation to achieve customer satisfaction of products and quality.
Quality control, Qianjing Science and Technology has a perfect quality control system, and through advanced quality control equipment to achieve the product quality control without dead angle.
In terms of production intelligence, Qianjing Technology improves production efficiency by fully automated equipment and intelligent manipulators, and at the same time uses the four leading domestic intelligent systems to achieve the quality of the whole process monitoring.
Product innovation is the driving force for Qianjing to keep moving forward. Qianjing Science and Technology will become the leading LED packaging adhesive enterprise in the world step by step through product lead, quality control lead and service lead in the LED packaging adhesive industry.
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