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Discussion on development status of silicone materials in Qian Jing Gao Gong

China's silicon industry has entered a new stage on a higher platform since it began to industrialize on a large scale in the 1990s. Over the past two decades, we have become the world's leading producer of silicon materials by relying on low prices to win, from scratch, from small to large. The real challenge facing the whole industry during this period is the issue of environmental protection and rational use of resources.

From 2010 to the present, the prices of various factors of production have risen to a higher level in China. The production capacity of the main silicon products is excessive, the prices continue to decline, the pressure of transformation and upgrading of some downstream consumer industries has increased, and the demand has slowed down. This shows that the old road of rapid expansion of the silicon industry by virtue of cost advantage has ended. Knot. In reality, although the number of silicon materials enterprises in China is large, they have been obviously divided, leading industries have emerged in all branches of the industry, these enterprises in the industry under the premise of serious overcapacity to maintain a higher level of start-up, product quality is higher and more stable, service in place, with a loyal customer base. It has entered a virtuous circle of enterprise development. However, most of the enterprises which have expanded rapidly through low-cost expansion and low-price competition in the early stage have encountered capital problems, and some of them have even gone bankrupt or are on the verge of extinction. It can be seen that in the future, the decisive factor of China's silicon market competition has changed from product price to product quality in a broad sense, and this change will promote the overall quality of China's silicon products to be greatly improved, China will also realize the transformation from a big country in the silicon industry to a powerful country in the silicon industry.

In the future, China's silicon industry will continue to develop to a high level and realize the leap from following to leading, which is bound to face the fierce competition with the existing giants who have a dominant position and a large number of resources. To break through these obstacles, we must carry out multi-angle and comprehensive development from production technology, scientific research mechanism, enterprise strategy and even business model. To achieve this goal, we should not only invest a lot of resources to support innovation, but also gradually strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights, and provide a strong backing for innovation from the system.

Challenges and market determinants of China's silicon industry in different periods

Past 1990-2010

Now 2010-2020

Future 2020-

Major challenges

Environmental protection and rational utilization of resources

Costs continue to rise

Intellectual property protection

Market determinants


Quality (service)


1, increase the protection of intellectual property rights.

Increasing the intensity of intellectual property protection is the fundamental guarantee to protect the initiative of innovation and realize the positive elimination of enterprises. It is also the inevitable choice to further enhance the development level of China's silicon industry.

Intellectual property rights can not be simply understood as a means of blocking China by developed countries. In all open markets, intellectual property rights are the main tool for the strong to safeguard their own interests. In other words, the weak naturally do not need to protect their intellectual property rights. Our silicon material industry has been developing at a high speed for more than 20 years. In the world industry, from insignificant to three-thirds of the world, we can no longer adopt the development mode of follow-up and imitation at the initial stage. We must change our thinking mode to better grasp the future.

Enhancing the protection of intellectual property requires, on the one hand, perfecting the relevant laws and regulations and enforcing the law, on the other hand, changing the way of thinking in dealing with the protection of intellectual property. This not only requires relevant units to strengthen self-discipline and reduce the occurrence of infringement, but also requires relevant units and individuals to make good use of relevant laws. Laws and regulations enhance the awareness and ability to protect their legitimate rights and interests.

2, support basic scientific research and innovative research.

Basic scientific research is the biggest short board that restricts the transformation and upgrading of China's silicon industry. It is suggested that basic research and innovative research should be vigorously supported from the following three aspects:

First, we should continue to promote the upgrading of existing technologies; the gap between the production technologies of major silicon materials in China and the international advanced level is still very obvious, mainly reflected in the aspects of energy consumption, material consumption, efficiency, quality, safety and environmental protection, such as: fluidized bed design of silicone monomer in China, catalytic system, raw material quality control and cycle control. Up to now, there is no essential breakthrough, silane oligomers, waste residue reduction control and post-treatment technology is still facing greater difficulties, high-end nano-silicon materials, monocrystalline silicon, silicon wafers and ultra-high purity electronic gases have not mastered the core technology.

It is suggested that the state should concentrate the scientific research power of basic scientific research institutions and large enterprise groups, systematically carry out relevant basic research and innovative research, pay special attention to tackling the key problems of technological improvement of existing production processes and energy saving and emission reduction technologies, support the research and development of new efficient environmental protection technologies and applications, and pay attention to the research and development of silicon material application technologies. Hair. We will support qualified silicon materials enterprises to declare major national science and technology projects, high-tech industrialization projects, key industry restructuring projects and equipment manufacturing development projects, and promote the existing technology upgrading and transformation system centered on advantageous enterprises. It is suggested that major projects with advanced technology, obvious advantages, strong driving and supporting role should be included in the national and provincial project planning and given priority support. Relying on government policy support, we should increase fiscal and tax support policies to ensure early results.

Second, to explore a new generation of silicon materials production and utilization technology; silicon material production costs are on the high side mainly due to high energy consumption in the purification process, long process, only to develop a more simple and efficient process, the silicon industry is likely to develop into a general-purpose material; second, the excellent performance of silicon materials has not been explored, is the goal

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