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Simulation cake making mold adhesive
Product Description:
RTV-558 cake mold silica gel is a kind of high-performance mold material, mold duplication simulation is strong, vulcanized mold adhesive and other non-stick, high temperature resistance, good aging performance and other excellent properties. At the same time, it has the outstanding advantages of high tearing strength, high elongation, no shrinkage, high temperature resistance and good swelling resistance. Widely used in glass fiber reinforced plastic resin (POLYSTER), Boli resin, and other crafts copied and copied.
Product specifications and performance indicators:
Performance index RTV-558
Color ivory white
Viscosity (Mpa.s) 35000
Curing ratio 1.5 + 0.5
Curing time 2-4H
Shaoer A hardness / degree 30 + 2
Tensile strength kg/cm2 >30
Tear strength /kgf.cm-1 >28
Elongation,% 550-600
Usage method:
Choose the suitable container, add 1/4 container volume of binder, add curing agent according to proportion (weight), mix well, vacuume for 5-10 minutes at more than 0.09MPa, quickly pour the adhesive into the cavity.
Storage and transportation:
1, mold glue should be stored in room temperature, dry and sealed containers, do not contact with water to prevent deterioration.
2. The product has a retention period of 6 months.
3. The product is packed in iron drum with three specifications of 5kg, 25kg and 200kg.
4. The product is shipped without dangerous goods.
Points for attention:
1. The company's products do not need to add silicone oil to adjust the soft hardness and fluidity, if users need more soft or better liquidity than the above brand products, please contact the company to provide.
2. If the user needs shorter or longer operation time, in principle do not adopt the method of adding less or more reinforcement agent, should contact the company to provide a new formulation of curing agent.
3. If the pouring prototype belongs to silicon containing materials such as ceramics, it is best to spray the prototype to facilitate demoulding.
4, for your mold to achieve the best use effect, please store the mold for at least 24 hours.
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